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Our Management Toolkits are an innovative suite of development programmes, endorsed by the ILM, designed for First Line Managers to enable them to develop the core skills and techniques they need to operate and succeed at work today.

Each programme balances theory with practical exercises and includes a resource toolkit to take away and use in the workplace.

Successful completion leads to an ILM endorsed award which provides added confidence to both participants and their organisations.

Currently there are four toolkit programmes to choose from:

The People Manager

Designed to provide an understanding of key people management activities, this programme aims to provide first line managers with core skills needed to confidently and effectively manage staff. Using a range of practical activities delegates will cover:

  • Influencing and Persuading others
  • Practical interviewing skills
  • Problem solving
  • Nurturing

The Coaching Manager

This programme will develop the ability to prepare for and carry out coaching interviews with team members.

Participants will be introduced to different coaching styles, techniques and models and have the opportunity to develop and apply the skills needed to be an effective coach. During the programme an opportunity will be provided to practise the various skills and gain developmental feedback.

The Change Manager

"Progress is impossible without change"

This two day programme has been designed to develop the ability to manage and lead workplace change. Key areas covered within this programme include:

  • The role of leadership in managing change
  • Dealing with reaction and emotions

The Added Value Manager

This three day programme considers the skills needed to manage ourselves effectively in the workplace. During the programme participants will explore:

  • State management
  • Personal organisational skills
  • Self motivation and engagement
  • Persuading and influencing others

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