Advice & support

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Higher Training can provide the help and support you require.

  • Do you have new or inexperienced staff needing support?
  • Have you taken on a new role recently and are looking to build your confidence and discuss approaches to work based issues?

    Nicola holds a Diploma in Performance Coaching and is available to work on a one to one basis to provide coaching, support or individual training to new or inexperienced members of staff. This approach can create a happier, more motivated workforce as individuals learn to employ techniques to solve problems for themselves and maximise their skills.
  • Looking to change your role or needing support when applying for new roles?

    As a qualified career counsellor Nicola can help you think through your dreams and options and plan to achiever these. Career counselling and coaching can help you choose a new direction, dealing with challenging work problems or support you with the application or interview process.
  • Too small to employ a dedicated HR or Training Manager?
  • Do you need an additional pair of hands?

    Higher Training can provide help and assistance for specific campaigns such as a recruitment exercises or conducting staff interviews.

    Alternatively we offer a virtual HR department service for SMEs. The basis of this is a monthly meeting in which together we review and discuss a range of People Issues covering aspects such as attendance, recruitment, discipline, performance and learning needs. This service allows SMEs to access specialist help in a structured manner, enabling decision to be taken and actions planned in a timely manner. Please contact us for further details of this service.

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